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With over a decade of experience running and building a digital marketing agency, we have found that the needs of clients vary widely.  While many have trusted our established agency to implement digital marketing strategies on their behalf, others have found themselves just needing a road map for their team to follow to start gaining the results they seek with online marketing.

With this in mind founders, Simon White and Nick Bennett formed a consulting arm to the agency founded on the idea of putting together strategies that are based on over a decade of experience running our online marketing agency.  We have built a successful implementation agency over the years by putting together transparent digital marketing campaigns that work for our clients.  We do the same with our digital marketing consultancy.  Work with clients to identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), give them a road map, and then create checkpoints to keep them on track.

Whether it is online advertising, SEO (search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, or some other arm of digital marketing, we have seen and done just about all of it and bring that experience to our clients to get them online results they seek.  If you are in need of digital marketing consulting, you have found ther right place!  We have the experience you need and the dedication to continuing education to keep you on track for the long haul.

Over a Decade of Experience

When it comes to online marketing every industry is different and we have worked with countless different niches over the years and proudly been able to get them the results they were looking to achieve.  From healthcare, automotive, construction, emergency services, fitness, legal, insurance, e-commerce and more, we have put together custom solutions for clients that work.  If you have found yourself stuck in "cookie cutter" options that are specific to your niche and want to differentiate yourself, please reach out!  We do not offer one size fits all solutions to our clients, rather custom solutions that work directly to obtain digital marketing results for each unique business need.

Who We Work With

What Our Clients Say

"A year ago we launched a dual pronged marketing program. Trade shows and SEO Marketing. Local Blitz was recommended to us by our web developer Tiny Frog. The SEO and Google Adwords that Local Blitz manages has considerably grown our visibility and sales. So much so that we've discontinued most tradeshows and now focus exclusively on one Trade show and SEO marketing for the long-term growth of our business. Local Blitz are the San Diego SEO Experts."

-Josh M.

"Local Blitz is one of the best SEO companies we used for our 4 businesses , I personally had very good experience dealing with the team in last 4 years, Nick and his team are for me and my partners in business whenever we need them , helpful , nice, polite, organized and they understand our needs and go extra miles, we had very good results promoting our businesses, I fully recommend them for any business needs SEO."

-Thomas Y.

"Local Blitz was the third SEO company I have tried. Finally found someone who is not a crook. The did what they say they would do, help me get better rankings in Google. Thanks Nick and Simon."

-Issac W.

"We have been working with Local Blitz for almost 4years , we are glad that they’re the one handling our advertising needs , Nick has been very helpful and professional aside from being a very nice guy, communicationwith him is very easy and simple , I’ve watched our business internet traffic growing over the years creating more business growth , we really appreciate Nick and local blitz team , thank you so much ."

-Samuel J.

"What can I say about the team at Local Blitz? Well, I have worked with a variety of different internet marketing companies and the general experience has been over promise under deliver, so needless to say I was a bit skeptical of the things Nick (the owner I think) was telling me during our first call. Regardless of my own hesitations, I decided to move forward....and I am VERY glad I did!

We have seen a VERY significant increase in leads and new business in just a couple of months working with the team at Local Blitz. Nick told me on the SEO side of things it may take several months to start to gain serious rankings and on the paid advertising side it may take a least a month or two to really get it churning. I am a hard to please guy to say the least and I am now beyond pleased. The communication is timly and professional and beyond that Local Blitz is well ahead of the timeline of likely results that we discussed in the project start. I am happy to have found an internet marketing company that actually does that they say they will. Thanks, Local Blitz Team!"

-Charles B.

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Simon White

Simon is the search marketing brain behind the agency and if you have found yourself stuck, Simon will get you out fast.
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Nick Bennett

Nick heads up business development and quite a few other things in the day to day life of the agency.


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